The Annual Reports Library

From 1999 to 2001 this was the Annual Reports Library website.

Our hope is that the public, as well as investors, philanthropists and job seekers, will become better acquainted with the value of annual reports and how to use them.

Annual reports are of importance in all marketplaces. For instance I read annual reports on the vaping marketplace religiously. Take this Dec 2015 report:

Economic Impact and Consumer Buying Trends Detailed In Independent Analysis of American Vape Shops  

U.S. brick-and-mortar vape shops generate annual non-online sales of more than $300,000 per store, according to the 2015 Vape Shop Index, released today by ECigIntelligence, Roebling Research, E-Cigarette Forum and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA).

The index, an ongoing study of U.S. vape shops as part of “Project Vape Manifest,” analyzed financial, product, and brand-level data, including trends, preferences and owner attitudes from 540 vape shops across 42 states.

“This really is the first time that the industry will have detailed independent data from vape shops, where much of the growth in the sector is now occurring, reaching more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue,” said Tim Phillips, CEO, ECigIntelligence. “As consumer preferences evolved toward open system tanks and e-liquids, we saw a need for accurate data to help shop owners better compete in today’s marketplace.”

The index also found that more than two-thirds of respondents (69 percent) were single-store owners, while 16 percent owned two shops and 15 percent had three or more stores.

This was great news for me. I work for a company that sells wholesale vapor accessories to these brick and mortar stores. We have more than 60 products in this category ranging from batteries, chargers, replacement parts, travel gear, rebuilding essentials and drip trips. We also sell atomizers, mods, starter kits, and e-liquids. News like that above makes us smile because it is going to impact us in a very positive way.

And then you read a news report like this 2016 one which observes The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented tough new vaping regulations that go into effect on Monday, which could potentially be very harmful to the industry.
Vapers now need to be at least 18 years old to purchase products, the FDA has to approve any new product, and there will no longer be free samples of the juice given out to vapers who wish to try a flavor before they buy, reports USA Today Sunday.
“The bad news is that August 8th of this year marks the beginning of a two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9%+ of vapor products on the market,” American Vaping Association president Gregory Conley wrote in a press release. “If we do not succeed in changing the FDA’s arbitrary predicate date of February 15, 2007, the vapor industry will shrink to almost nothing beginning August 8, 2018.”

Fortunately the products we sell are diverse, but that regulation could hurt our sales. We are watching to see how this plays out. We'll be reading the 2016 annual reports on the vaping industry in a few more months and then look at our business's annual report sometime in the beginning of next year. Whether it was 1998 or 2016, annual reports are important. This site did a great service. And although it has merged with Global Reports, LLC, there will always be plenty of people reading their annual reports.



Annual Reports Library Purchased By Global Reports, LLC

ARL re-launches with an expanded collection of domestic and international annual reports and a host of improved services

Earlier this year, the vast collection of annual reports owned by the Annual Reports Library was purchased by Global Reports, LLC a provider of international financial information and services. Global Reports has updated and relaunched the Annual Reports Library at this site to better provide you with the financial information you need.

The merger of the Annual Reports Library and Global Reports, LLC now puts over a half-million domestic and international annual reports, spanning some 30 years of financial history, at your fingertips. In addition, their expanded collection enables them to provide more comprehensive, custom research services to individuals, or corporate investors and institutions looking to augment their corporate library.

The combined annual report collection offered by the Annual Reports Library and Global Reports, LLC also includes recent financial history for companies from every major index constituency throughout the world including:

  • - US Fortune 1000
  •  - US Russell 3000
  • - Toronto Stock Exchange
  • - Canadian Venture
  •    Exchange [CDNX]
  • - London Stock Exchange [LSE]
  • - LSE Alternative
  •    Investment Market
  • - Paris [SBF] 250
  • - Frankfurt [DAX] 100
  • - Hong Kong Hang Seng
  • - Australia All Ordinaries Index
  • - Milan Stock Exchange


The Annual Reports Library has the reports you need. 

As a matter of fact, we have over a half-million annual reports stretching more than 30 years into financial history. In August, 2001, the vast collection of the original Annual Reports Library was purchased by Global Reports, LLC, and added to their own ever-expanding collection of domestic and international annual reports. The good news for you is that the Annual Reports Library can deliver whatever domestic or international annual reports you seek.

Whether you are a big investment firm, or an individual investor, this rapidly changing global economy can make it difficult to stay on top of the seemingly infinite number of businesses that keep this world running. The 500,000+ report collection archived by the Annual Reports Library and Global Reports, LLC contain reports for companies from every major index constituency throughout the world including:

  • US Fortune 1000
  • US Russell 3000
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Canadian Venture Exchange - CDNX
  • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • LSE Alternative Investment Market
  • Paris SBF 250
  • Frankfurt DAX 100
  • Hong Kong Hang Seng
  • Australia All Ordinaries Index
  • Milan Stock Exchange

...and we are adding new collections every day.

The Annual Reports Library works for you.

With our vast collection of financial information and annual reports, we:

  • perform custom research for investment firms
  • perform custom research for individual investors
  • provide requested reports to individuals or investment firms
  • outsource our library or research services to institutions or corporations seeking
    to augment their current corporate or financial library
  • provide services and reports to students of economics, MBAs, and other academic financial programs

Need a particular US or International financial report?

Ask the Annual Reports Library to find it for you! For only $25(US) per domestic annual report, and $35(US) per international annual report, you can receive the financial information you need to complete your research.

If you are an investor, you can be sure you will quickly receive the most current reports, even from companies and locations far removed from Wall Street. If you are an individual investor or academician, you can be sure you are receiving the same quality of information as the major firms. And if you're the Investor Relations manager for a business within our archive, you can be sure your company's data is being disseminated with each new investment research client.


Annual Reports Triva Questions & Answers

  1. The oldest library in the world still operating?
    Bibliothoque de Paris.
  2. The first people who used handwriting?
    The Sumerians 5,000 years ago.
  3. Who founded the first  members only  library?    and when?
    Ben Franklin, 1731.
  4. Where and when was the first tax-supported library?
    Peterborough, NH, 1833.
  5. Who said "never judge an annual report by its movie"?
    Chris Slater, actor, from the movie, "BonFire of Vanities".
  6. The oldest printed annual report?
    Annuarium Statisticum - 1600. (The Vatican)
  7. The world's longest printed annual report?
    Bennetton, 1993. 1 page folds out continuously for 15 meters long!
  8. The first annual with CD-ROM, diskette copies?
    Sierra On-line, 1993.
  9. The annual with sunflower seeds?
    Interstate Power Company, 1992. The seeds were supposed to be planted to show how utilities grow over time.
  10. The annual which included a saliva drug screening kit?
    Saliva Diagnostic Systems - 12-31-93/92.
  11. The smallest/shortest annual report?
    State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co., 1991. 1/4 page front and back, small type has it all on there.
  12. The annual which glued a penny to the cover?
    Lincoln National Corp., 1989.
  13. The annual which smelled of spices?
    McCormick & Co., 1993.
  14. The annual which came wrapped in a canvas sack? (the sack was reusable)
    Harold's, 2/2/91.
  15. The annual which included water?
    Ares-Serono Group, 1992. HQ'd in Geneva & Boston. Water filtration is their business.
  16. The first annual which included coupons for all the company's products?
    Philip Morris, 1990.
  17. Who said, "the real purpose of a libraries is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking?"
    Our first President, George Washington.
  18. Annual shaped-cut into a deck of gaming cards?
    Cognex Corp., 12/95. Makes a full range of machine vision systems.
  19. Annual covered with a laced-up sleeve which has to be unlaced to read it?
    La Crosse Footware, 1995, and Genesco, 1992.
  20. Annual reads like and follows along like a game of monopoly?
    Hasbro, 1995.
  21. What Annual report put a warning on its front cover stating," WARNING: This Report is NOT interactive NOR entertaining?"
    Electronic Arts, 3/31/97.
  22. What Annual Report came inside a bank coin bag which, when unzipped, contained a simulated checkbook and large $100 bills all wrapped together that, when opened, revealed their annual report?
    Franklin Bank, 12/31/96. (based in Southfield,Mich)